CorEMR Launches Affordable Electronic Medical Records System for Jails

Feb 8, 2005 - Midway, UTCorEMR announced today the launch of its new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for corrections facilities. The web solution is the culmination of extensive research and development by a team of corrections and software development professionals, and is now available for implementation.

Mark Nelson, Executive VP at CorEMR, explains the genesis of the new product: "A significant gap has developed in corrections medical service. While private and public medical systems have created effective EMR capabilities, cost and complexity have left corrections without affordable and easy-to-implement solutions. CorEMR was designed to fill this gap. The unique needs of corrections can now be met."

Lane McCotter, president of CorEMR, has more than 25 years experience in corrections management. "Medical services are a big challenge in corrections. Keeping accurate medical records can make a tremendous positive difference. Jails can greatly reduce litigation risk, increase efficiency, and save thousands per year by having a good EMR. We designed CorEMR to exactly meet these needs."

The CorEMR solution is a turnkey EMR system designed specifically for medium sized corrections facilities. It includes simple-to-use screens to create inmate medical and dental appointments, build and maintain medical record files, record notes and procedures, order and administer medications, and retrieve patient histories. It can easily be integrated into existing Jail Management Systems (JMS) to eliminate re-entering of inmate booking data.

CorEMR began in 2004 to provide correctional facilities with affordable electronic medical records. Our management team has 6 years of experience specifically in jail and prison EMR/EHR management and over 30 years of experience in software design.