CorEMR Saves Facilities Significant Time and Money

Jun 1, 2006 - Midway, UTRecent studies show that correctional facilities typically save more than 10 hours a week, per full-time staff member, using CorEMR. These savings in time, along with the costs facilities typically spend on paper charts and records, translates into more than $120,000 to $176,600 in savings a year for an average 500-bed facility to switch to CorEMR.

Built specifically for correctional facilities, CorEMR saves medical staff significant time in doing their day-to-day operations. A few examples include saving time pulling and locating charts, printing off paper MARs and labels, noting off doctor's orders, completing intake forms and generating release/transfer forms.

"When you add the time that is saved from medical staff to the costs associated with supplies for paper charts and the costs associated with ordered medications, CorEMR saves facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, said Jonathan Burton, Vice President of CorEMR. "We knew our system saved a lot of time and money, but it's nice to have real numbers from our existing customers to support our great product."

CorEMR began in 2004 to provide correctional facilities with affordable electronic medical records. Our management team has 6 years of experience specifically in jail and prison EMR/EHR management and over 30 years of experience in software design.