Summit County, Utah

Jun 1, 2005 - Park City, UTThe Summit County Utah Sheriff’s Department chose CorEMR for its software at the Summit County Jail in Park City, Utah.

According to Lane McCotter, president of CorEMR, the installation brings several advantages to Summit County Jail. "The addition of CorEMR provides a straight forward method of creating and maintaining accurate inmate medical records. The result is better medical service for inmates, lower cost for Summit County, and perhaps most important, protection from inmate medical litigation."

The system is installed at the Summit County Jail and includes capabilities for creating appointments, keeping patient notes, ordering and monitoring medications, and retrieving patient history and information.

CorEMR began in 2004 to provide correctional facilities with affordable electronic medical records. Our management team has 6 years of experience specifically in jail and prison EMR/EHR management and over 30 years of experience in software design.