Utah County, Utah

May 1, 2005 - Springville, UTThe Utah County Jail in Springville, Utah is now live with CorEMRís electronic medical record software.

The EMR system provided by CorEMR allows medical and corrections personnel to easily create permanent electronic medical records for all inmates at the 700 bed facility. The system is integrated with Utah County Jailís existing jail management system to keep inmate booking and medical data synchronized.

Utah County Jail medical personnel worked closely with CorEMR on developing and customizing the program to meet their needs exactly. According to Sally Randall, Nurse Director, the system is a big success. "The system capabilities have been tailored to meet our medical department needs. It saves us a lot of time in scheduling and managing the medical treatment process. We are better organized and better aware of the medical needs in our jail."

Lane McCotter, president of CorEMR, highlights the partnership approach between the software company and the jail. "We appreciate the professional approach of the Utah County Jail management and medical staff in working with us to make this the right solution. We believe the result is better medical service for inmates, lower cost to Utah County, and perhaps most important, protection from inmate medical litigation."

The system is installed at the Utah County Jail in Springville, and includes capabilities for creating appointments, keeping patient notes, monitoring medications, and retrieving patient history and information.

CorEMR began in 2004 to provide correctional facilities with affordable electronic medical records. Our management team has 6 years of experience specifically in jail and prison EMR/EHR management and over 30 years of experience in software design.