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  • CorEMR easily generates Management Reports.
  • Management Reports can be emailed to specific users every month.
  • Examples of Management Report items include:
  • -MedPass compliance/non-compliance
  • -Active patients yet to receive 14 day physical/nurse evaluation
  • -Demographic distributions of patient population
  • -Current patients with specific medical problems

Patient Charts

  • Patient charts can be pulled up by name, booking number, social security number, and other identifiers. Historic Patients are not included and can be searched separately.
  • Chart summaries include: current medical problems, medications, task summary, intake form summary, and recent medical history with links to each detailed section.
  • CorEMR maintains an active medical problem list for all patients.
  • Scanning and file upload capabilities make CorEMR an entirely paperless system.
  • All non-system documents can be scanned and stored in the patient's chart.
  • CorEMR logs and stores a complete historical summary of every action recorded for each patient, as well as an audit log reporting who made the changes.
  • Flow sheets for vital signs and blood sugar levels can be recorded and logged.

Sick Calls

  • CorEMR uses the standard SOAPE format to guide the examiner.
  • Displays include the summary information such as current medical problems and medication compliance.
  • The module allows users access to all parts of SOAPE note, meaning that doctors can record actions for later note off, or complete the planning actions themselves.
  • Actions available in the module include: completing interview or exam forms, scheduling future appointments, ordering lab work, ordering medications, and more.
  • Scanned documents and electronic files can be stored directly into SOAPE notes.

MedPass / Pill Call

  • MedPass times are configured by day and a MedPass list is generated accordingly.
  • MedPass lists can be grouped by housing unit, alphabetically by last name, or by percentage of completion.
  • Patient's acceptance/refusal of each dose is recorded.
  • CorEMR can also integrate with patient wristband identifiers as well as medication identifiers.
  • CorEMR automatically highlights medication expiration dates and refill notifications.


  • Our eMAR system has been a part of our software program from the very beginning.
  • Graphical and detailed eMAR reports can be generated and viewed at any time.
  • eMAR reports include percentage of acceptance for each current medication as well as the initials for the administering user.
  • eMAR reports include the option to view several months simultaneously.
  • Advanced eMAR reports display current or previous medication(s) administered by all or specific users for a range of dates.

HIPPA Compliance

  • Individual user permissions can be created and maintained by administrators.
  • “Locked” items will allow users to view charts and notes, but not to edit them.


  • The task calendar can be filtered by task category (medical, dentist, mental health, etc.), by priority, and by housing location.
  • Tasks and appointments can be viewed by day, week, or month.
  • Sick calls can be started directly from the schedule view.
  • Task status is easily managed to keep updated records of current and overdue tasks.


  • CorEMR imports patient data from existing systems as part of the setup fee. No reentering of information will be required.
  • CorEMR can send orders to and receive confirmations from your pharmacy provider. As part of the setup fee, CorEMR staff will configure this integration.

Pharmacy Module

  • The pharmacy module orders prescriptions, makes MedPass assignments, and schedules refills.
  • CorEMR can import your drug list and identify formulary medications.
  • Users can search the drug list by name, analgesic category, and by other criteria.


  • Our proprietary form creation tool allows for easy creation and modification of forms.
  • CorEMR allows for customized forms, including customized intake, outgoing, and more.
  • The ability to access and edit forms can be restricted to specific users.
  • Forms can be configured with triggers that will automatically create actions in other parts of the system, such as nurse tasks or active problems for a patient.
  • Triggers can also automatically pull a patient's medical chart for transfer and release forms.
  • Forms can also capture non-examination information, such as administration and patient authorization forms.


  • CorEMR can be accessed simultaneously by different users at multiple stations.
  • CorEMR needs no extra software beyond a web browser.
  • CorEMR runs on Linux and Windows servers on a SQL backend and is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server version 2005/2008/2008 R2 and MySQL 5.0+.


  • Integrates with existing LDAP security networks (Active Directory).
  • Password update reminders (configurable by user).
  • Date/Time Stamp for user’s login data.
  • Passwords are encrypted on MD5 algorithms, a strictly one-way encryption.
  • Our software supports an https format.
  • VPNs provide secure remote connections between your network and our support system.
  • LAN security is facility dependent.

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