CorEMR offers two types of service to support our EMR software, our original Core Model and our SAAS (Software as a Service) Model.

Either way, CorEMR is an excellent solution for your EMR needs.


Most facilities choose to implement the Core Model. This service is designed for as small as 200+ bed facilities and is also capable of handling larger institutions with multiple facilities. This scalable model is capable of handling virtually unlimited patients.

In this model, each facility purchases a server to run in-house on their network. Our staff can have remote access to the server if the facility allows, if not, the server is kept entirely private within the in-house network.


The Software as a Service (SAAS) Model is a viable option for both small and large facilities. The SAAS Model works well for smaller facilities that do not have the budget for an independent server and IT management. However, the SAAS Model is also a good option for larger facilities that would like to outsource the management of their server.

In this model, we will host the server for your facility, allowing you remote access through a secure VPN connection.