Core Model

At CorEMR, we understand that different facilities have different needs. That is why our pricing model is so flexible. We offer annual or monthly payment options. In addition, we state our costs upfront and will honor them.

Please call us for pricing.

Different jails have different needs. Our pricing is typically around $0.06 per inmate per day.

SAAS Model

Smaller County Jails

The Software as a Service (SAAS) model is intended for smaller facilities (population count of 200 or less) that do not have an IT department or in-house network. By outsourcing this part of the cost of an EMR, they will save money. Because smaller facilities are so individual, it is difficult to name a base price for this service. Call us today to receive a quote based off of the number of patients in your facility today.

Larger County Jails

This SAAS model is also intended for larger facilities who may have an IT department, but do not want to deal with managing a server for their EMR records. Through secure VPN connections, large facilities with multiple interfaces (or even multiple buildings) can have remote access to the same system of information. Call us today to receive more information about how this module could be employed in your facility.